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what is the moves?

Its more than just another social media app - its a movement

The Moves combines grassroots promotions and today’s social media platform to create the world’s first live social movement. Our app is designed to help users create new social experiences as opposed to other social media platforms that only facilitate passive viewing of others’ experiences

We're here to take social media to the next level by helping our users join in the action.

All you have to do.... is make your MOVES


See what's popular near you

Explore what's popular near you or what's recommended based on your previous moves.

Check your friends' moves

Click on a friend's post and have instant access to tickets to join them.

Get tickets to your next move

Purchase and store your tickets in your profile, then scan them when you're ready to check in.

Share your favorite moves


Take pictures, record video, and share your moves on your timeline.


Available for iOS & android devices September 2017

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